The second program

3 is designed to block
5 sessions during
three months

When we want to change my life, trying to find the key to change it.
How to define an approach to the beginning of a change, how to transform your state of mind, strengthen the physical, mental and psychological health is to improve relations with the outside world and pledged to awaken in us creativity?

First of all, you need to find the cause of the internal imbalance, to realize it, and then move to a healthy, effective and harmonious state. This movement - a kind of work with the information on a new level. We used to think that the information flow is a certain knowledge coming from the external world by means of our communication with other people, nature, as well as from the media and the Internet. The information gets to us through all the senses. The outer and inner world - interpenetrating it in the fields. Every cell in the human remembers and knows everything: past, present and even some of the significant events of the future.

My unique method is based on an integrated approach to physical and mental experience and the experience of the unconscious. Using the power of your intention, I can quickly find the source of the disease, a problem or a difficult situation. With the power vested in me as a healer, I can clearly read and convert the information to a person, penetrating the thin layers of his being.
The effectiveness of the results of my work depends on the task initially correctly -nuzhno see a field of activity in the work with you. I'll cause an imbalance, and help you gain strength and awareness. The integrity of my approach is that I remove disharmonious information from all the affected fields. In place of the imbalances generated space of clarity and purity. If you are willing to be honest and frank with yourself, you will see in the process of objective reality and be able to change it. My job - as accurately as possible to show you this reality and help to come to a better standard of living.

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