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... It's time to change something in my life. Where can I find the key? Where to begin? How to transform your state of mind? To strengthen the physical, mental and psychological health? How to improve relations with the outside world? Awaken within us pledged creativity?

We need to find the cause of internal imbalance. To realize it, and start moving towards a healthy and harmonious state. This movement - work with information on a new level. We used to think that the information, as the flow of knowledge of the outside world: to communicate with people, nature, the media and the Internet. The information comes in through the senses. It affects us. But the external and internal world - interpenetrating information fields. At the time of session I get into resonance with the client. I feel him as yourself. Blurs the boundaries of the external and internal. The human body remembers and knows everything: past, present and immediate future. This means that changing the past in the present moment, we are opening the prospects for a happy tomorrow.

My unique method combines learning experience, as well as physical and mental. In this paper I use the power of desires and intentions. This allows you to clearly read and convert the information to quickly find the source of the illness, problem or difficult situation.

The overall performance is dependent on the correct task. A holistic approach allows you to change the destructive information in all layers of consciousness and subconsciousness. Imbalance is converted into a space of clarity and purity. Are you ready to be honest with you? In the process, you will be able to see and change the objective reality. My task - as accurately reflect her. The rest - a trick and your desires. To know oneself - is infinitely interesting to do. And his own life - means to be Creator.

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Frequently solving questions

I is not limited to these questions,
we can treat any area of your life.


In the work I rely on their own gift and integration of ancient knowledge in his method. This profound healing techniques used by the Japanese samurai and priestesses in the temples of ancient Egypt


To achieve consistent results,
I developed the following effective programs:

  • The third program

    on the annual

  • The second program

    3 is designed to block
    5 sessions during
    three months

  • The first program

    designed for 4 - 5
    sessions during
    10 - 14 days


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